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    Apple denies pulling parental controls to gain competitive foothold


    Apple says it took the decision to remove a number of parental control apps from its store due to concerns about security and privacy, reports reveal. The tech giant, which seldom issues a public reaction to media reports, decided to address news that the iPhone manufacturer was using its own ...

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    Security and compliance is a digital transformation priority


    Results of a new survey conducted by illustrate how security and compliance has become a priority for European businesses as they go through digital transformation. The study, named EuropeITPriorities2019: Digital Transformation , takes into account the views of 785 companies spread across the UK and Ireland (UKI), France, DACH ...

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    Cyber-attacks reported by 61% of US and European firms over past year


    Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2019 has released the results of its study, which consisted of over 5,300 cybersecurity professionals in the UK, US, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain. The study revealed how new cyber-attacks have reached a new level of intensity, with 61% of firms reporting an attack in the ...

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    Organisations build workforce trust around cybersecurity for competitive advantage


    Research by threat management platform, ObserveIT has revealed that organisations want to trust their employees when it comes to cybersecurity, but to do so, they need to better leverage technology. The research, which took in the views of 600 IT leaders across various industries, also found that employers should develop ...

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    Euro-based brands shift programmatic ad purchasing in-house to adopt to GDPR


    Out of all surveyed brands in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France that purchase adverts programmatically, a staggering 86% now host the function in-house. That’s according to research conducted by the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) into the impact the GDPR is having on the way companies carry out marketing ...

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    Feature suffers data breach


    Fitness fanatics in the States may have had their personal data exposed due to a security breach suffered by The largest online retailer and forum for bodybuilders, revealed recently that an intrusion into its IT infrastructures had left customer data vulnerable. The company broke the news via ...

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    Millions still rely on simplest passwords, study finds


    New research suggests that millions of us are still taking the lazy option when it comes to creating a password to accompany user log-in details. Presently, the password “123456” is the key of choice for many according to a National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) study. It comes as small surprise ...

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    New York launches privacy survey to improve state regulations


    On Tuesday, New York State (NYS) customer protection officials launched a data privacy consumer survey to give New Yorkers the chance to give their opinion on current data privacy issues and to influence future policies. The initiative comes as an investigation being led by New York State suggests that Facebook ...

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    ICO fines funeral plan firm for unlawful marketing calls


    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) wants people to support their elderly relatives or neighbours if they are receiving nuisance marketing calls. The appeal came as a company selling funeral plans was fined £80,000 for making unlawful marketing calls to people who had made it explicitly clear they didn’t want ...

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    Over 40% of UK businesses are risking a potential data breach by not adequately securing their server


    New research has revealed that businesses are risking a potential data breach due to a lack of adequate server security. The survey of 1,050 UK workers in full or part-time employment carried out by Probrand revealed that a shocking 44% of businesses are failing to properly protect their client ...

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    Home Office admits second data breach


    An apology has been issued by the Home Office after the department revealed fears of a second breach of UK residents’ data in seven days. The potential shortfall comes through accidental sharing of the private details of EU nationals aiming to obtain settled status in Britain. As the Home Office ...

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    GDPR rules not broken, say visa appointment platforms in Ireland


    Unofficial webpages that process personal details to book visa renewals for immigrants in Ireland claim their data handling practices do not contravene the GDPR. Facebook pages, phone apps and other websites are among the forums available that enable individuals from overseas to pay up to €40 in exchange for a ...

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    241 tickets at European Data Protection Summit


    For a limited time only, tickets to the European Data Protection Summit are available to delegates on a two-for-one basis. Coming to central London this June, conference event will explore the legislative challenges organisations face on evolving data protection landscapes both in the UK and beyond. Experts from a diversity ...

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    Yahoo! offers nearly $118 million in an attempt to settle data breach lawsuit


    The search engine and web services giant, Yahoo! may be about to pay $117.5m in a bid to settle a data breach matter out of court, CNN Business reports. The California-based firm was the victim of a series of breaches between 2013 and 2016, with the earliest attack impacting upon ...

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    Police Scotland may delay data stop-and-search


    Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) may delay the release of new technology designed to enable police in Scotland to harvest data from citizens’ mobile devices and laptops without using passwords. Over £500,000 was spent by Police Scotland to purchase 41 portable devices which can override the encryption on most ...

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    UK government admits Windrush Generation data breach


    The government has come clean over a data protection breach that took place when the Windrush compensation programme was initiated. The breach came about when the Home Office sent information to Windrush migrants, inadvertently exposing the recipients’ email addresses in the process. An investigation has now been launched into ...

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    Cyber-attacks ‘damage’ national infrastructure


    A worrying trend has been highlighted by recent research, showing how a rise in hacking activity on key structures has put systems offline with increasing frequency over the past 24 months. The study, led by the Ponemon Institute, surveyed cyber specialists in the UK and five other countries, to discover ...

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    London council fined by the ICO for gang members data breach


    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined the London Borough of Newham £145,000 for disclosing the personal information of more than 200 people who featured on a police intelligence database. The database is known as the ‘Gangs Matrix’ and its purpose is to record information in respect of alleged gang ...

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    Businesses and charities urged to take action to prevent cyber attacks


    Data from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have shown a reduction in the percentage of businesses suffering a cyber breach or attack in the last year. The 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey shows that 32% of businesses identified a cyber security attack in the last ...

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    Privacy Shield for personal data transfers beyond Brexit


    Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) past the original deadline day of March 29 th 2019. The UK will continue to be an EU Member State during this time, and the EU’s laws will continue to apply to Britain. The duration of the extension period has not yet been ...