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    Boris Johnson’s team has been referred to the ICO over data breach allegations


    The British Watchdog has been requested to launch an inquiry into Boris Johnson’s campaign following multiple allegations surrounding breaches of data protection laws. Foreign Office minister, Harriet Baldwin, and Ben Howlett, a former MP for Bath, have asked Brandon Lewis, the Tory party chairman, to launch an inquiry following receiving ...

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    Cyber-security needs more work for businesses in east England


    A new study has painted the cyber-security integrity of counties in the east of England in a worrying light. The report, conducted by Ipswich office of financial advisers, Grant Thornton, has concluded that companies in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex are not taking cyber-security seriously enough, and are therefore more vulnerable ...

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    Insulin pumps could be compromised by hackers, the FDA warns


    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned people with diabetes that certain Medtronic MiniMed insulin pumps have potential cybersecurity risks. The FDA revealed that it had become aware of an unauthorised person that could “potentially connect wirelessly to a nearby MiniMed insulin pump with cybersecurity vulnerabilities”. This vulnerability ...

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    Younger generation most likely to cause security breach


    Generation Z, the generation that has grown up with technology in its pocket, are said to be the most likely to be the ones to cause a security breach. In a survey of 500 Irish office workers by DataSolutions in May 2019, Gen Zers topped almost every category as ...

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    ICO publishes its new access to information strategy


    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), has published a new strategy calling for better compliance by public authorities. Named “Openness by Design”, the strategy sets out five goals in regards to the suite of access to information legislation regulated by the ICO: Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Re-Use of Public ...

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    UK consumers value security over convenience


    A recent study has found that more UK consumers are valuing their security over convenience when making online purchases. The report shows that over half of all respondents (55%) chose security, while 43 per cent selected convenience. The research has been conducted prior to the release of the next ...

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    Retailers vulnerable to security threats by failing to grasp DevSecOps


    Research from Claranet finds that the majority of retailers are jeopardising their customers’ data by not implementing security controls in the application development processes. Retailers are putting their customers’ data at risk by failing to incorporate proper security controls in their new application development practices, according to the ...

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    Engage urges companies to review their processes


    Following the reporting of 206,000 GDPR cases, Engage Technology Partners has urged employees to review their contractor, employee compliance, and management processes. Data provided by the European Data Protection Board reveals that out of the hundreds of thousands of cases reported, 95,000 were complaints and 65,000 were data security ...

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    AI used to identify thieves in Walmart, USA


    The American supermarket chain, Walmart has said that it uses AI recognition technology on its checkouts to help root out shoplifters. The AI cameras are capable of spotting when items have been placed inside a shopping bag without having been scanned either by a cashier or through the self-service scan ...

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    Women are under-represented in cyber, UK government says


    The Cabinet Office has said that women remain under represented in the cyber security sphere. The official stance comes despite a nationwide drive to get more young women interested and involved in cyber and digital sectors. Minister for the Cabinet Office, David Lidington told the Women in Security Network conference ...

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    The ICO admits its own website is not GDPR compliant


    The Information Commissioner’s Office has admitted to the use of cookies on devices has failed to meet the required GDPR standard. Uncovered by Adam Rose, a lawyer at Mishcon de Reya, a complaint was sent to the ICO regarding the cookies on their website. Rose argued that the cookies was ...

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    EU ready to address cyber security shortcomings


    EU officials have spoken of their intention to strengthen cybersecurity in Europe following a spate of heavy data breaches. Among cyber breaches to have hit the EU in recent times was a major leak of diplomatic cables and reports of a suspected hacking during an official trip to Moscow. ...

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    Riot Games must give up pay information


    Data privacy regulators in the US are opening legal proceedings within a broader probe into allegations of gender bias at American computer games developer, Riot Games. The California-based software company and e-sports tournament organiser is behind unforgettable industry titles such as Super Zac Ball, Cho'Gath Eats the World, and Ziggs ...

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    Cyber security firm to get $300 million boost


    A York branch of a cyber security firm is to receive $300 million in investment following a funding round headed by private equity company, KKR. KnowBe4 specialises in creating cyber security solutions to address the full gamut of threats online. The Florida-based firm has now put together an integrated security ...

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    Report reveals FTSE 250 organisations have weak security


    A report by the cybersecurity company Rapid7 examined the overall cyber-exposure and security of the companies listed in the FTSE 250 index. The report reveals that FTSE 250+ organisations, on average, expose 35 servers and devices, with many companies exposing over 1,000 systems/devices. 88% of the FTSE 250+ organisations ...

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    Over 2.6 million UK taxpayers hit by scammers


    A Freedom of Information (FOI) request from a think tank revealed that HMRC received over 2.6m reports of phishing in the past three years. From 2016-2019 HM Revenue & Customers (HMRC) received a total of 2,602,528 reports of phishing via email, phone and other methods, according to Parliament Street . ...

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    Cyber security standards at Huawei must improve says senior UK official


    A high-ranking GCHQ director has spoken out about his fears of cybersecurity standards at a Chinese tech firm, Huawei. The companies security is “shoddy”, the technical director says, and well below cybersecurity standards of industry competition. The firm is coming under increasing global pressure following accusations that it facilitates espionage ...

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    The healthcare industry are being targeted by cyberattacks


    Carbon Black’s new report, Healthcare Cyber Heists in 2019, surveyed industry CISOs to understand how attacks to the industry have evolved. It was revealed that over the past year, 83% of surveyed healthcare organisations have seen an increase in cyber attacks, with two-thirds of the respondents stating that the cyber ...

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    90% of phishing emails found in domains with secure email gateways


    The 2019 Phishing Threats and Malware Review reveals the key insights about how threat actors are evolving phishing campaigns, and provides direction on how to prepare for the unknown. The report conducted by Cofense, identified that between October 2018 and March 2019, a total of 31,429 threats were reported by ...

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    (ISC)2 reveals findings of its study into workplace and hiring diversity in IT/ICT and cybersecurity roles


    (ISC)2 commissioned an independent blind study of employees in 1,000 organisations in the UK and 250 in Netherlands, to gather insight on those responsible for hiring IT roles.