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    #privacy: Musicians turn up the volume on argument against facial recognition tech


    Musicians have come out in support for a ban on facial recognition technology being used at music gigs and concerts. Rock band, Speedy Ortiz, and former guitarist with Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine, Tom Morello, have teamed up with digital rights group, Fight for the Future , to stand ...

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    #privacy: UK news broadcaster teams up with tech giants to fight fake news


    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced that it is to devote resources towards a new initiative designed to help combat the spread of disinformation online. The plans will see the creation of an early warning system for election seasons, when the spread of fake news may pose its biggest ...

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    #privacy: Facebook data breach compromised hundreds of millions of phone numbers


    Experts have discovered an online server containing 419 million phone numbers linked to Facebook account holders, with the data stretching over several databases worldwide.

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    #privacy: More than a billion Android phones vulnerable to phishing attacks


    Researchers at Check Point have discovered a vulnerability within Android-based smartphones, making them susceptible to advanced phishing attacks. It is estimated that the vulnerability exposes 2.5 billion monthly active users of Android phones worldwide, with devices from Sony, Samsung, Huawei and LG among those affected. In these advanced phishing ...

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    It’s a hack @Jack – Twitter boss’s account breached


    Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and chief executive of Twitter had his own account taken over by hackers, reports reveal.

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    #privacy: Ransomware attacks grown by 118%


    Research reveals that more than 2 billion stolen account credentials are available on the cybercriminal underground.

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    #privacy: Presbyterian Healthcare Services hit by data breach


    More than 180,000 patients have been notified by Presbyterian Healthcare Services following a phishing attack. On June 6, 2019 the nonprofit health system discovered that an unauthorised third party had gained access to employees’ email accounts through a phishing scam. Subsequently the phishing attack led to the exposure of ...

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    #privacy: A quarter of IT pros would steal company information to further their career


    Gurucul announced its results of a survey on workplace behaviour which was conducted at Blackhat USA 2019. Of the 476 IT security professionals surveyed, it was identified that 24% would take company information in the hopes that it would help them apply for a more senior role at a competitor. ...

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    #privacy: UK hacker must pay back £922k after cyber-attack spree


    An English cyber-criminal who carried out targeted computer attacks on more than 100 firms from his UK base has been forced to pay back a stolen cryptocurrency haul worth £922.978.14, news reports reveal . Argos, Uber and Sainsbury’s were among the victims of Mr Grant West, who was jailed for ...

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    #privacy: StockX faces lawsuit following data breach


    StockX , a sneaker trading platform, is facing a lawsuit over a data breach that resulted in more than 6.8 million customer records being exposed. Filed on Monday in U.S District Court, the lawsuit is on behalf of a minor from Kansas and other minors whose personal data “was accessed, ...

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    #privacy: Public service card under fire from Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland


    The Irish government has been criticised by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC) for the way in which a public ID card has been implemented. The IDPC claims there is no legal basis for public entities to oblige individuals to use the card when receiving services, reports reveal . First ...

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    #privacy: Facebook announces new tool “Off-Facebook Activity”


    Users will now be able to view all their data that is shared by third-party websites and apps to Facebook. The new setting will allow users to clear their history, prevent any future activity from being tracked, and selectively stop specific websites from sending users browsing activity to Facebook. The ...

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    #privacy: UK teen sentenced to jail for hacking


    A British teenager has pleaded guilty to money laundering, hacking, and breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order. Elliot Gunton, 19, resident of Norwich, offered hacking-for-hire services and supplied personal data in exchange for cryptocurrencies. After conducting a search in his home to ensure that Gunton was not violating his Sexual ...

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    #privacy: European Central Bank confirms data breach and shuts down website


    The European Central Bank (ECB) confirmed that it has suffered a data breach at its Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD) website. In a short statement released on Thursday, the bank had stated that an unauthorised party had breached the security measures that were put in place to protect BIRD. Subsequently, ...

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    #privacy: Malware that can record computer screens discovered


    A new malware has been discovered that is able to record the screen of an infected machine and identify a user who is viewing porn.Researchers at IT security company ESET, first observed the malware dubbed “Varenyky” in May 2019. A month later, researchers saw the first malicious document infecting a ...

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    #privacy: Vulnerability found in Trend Micro Password Manager


    Researchers at SafeBreach demonstrated how the vulnerability could be exploited to achieve privilege escalation. Researchers discovered an issue with the pvmSvc.exe, a central control service, which was being executed as NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM. Once executed, a missing DLL file was trying to load. “In our VM, the c:\python27 has an ...

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    #privacy: Robocall-blocking apps may be violating user privacy


    Numerous privacy violations have been identified with some of the most popular robocall -blocking apps. Dan Hastings, a senior security consultant at the cybersecurity firm NCC Group, analysed some of the most popular robocall-blocking apps, including Hiya, TrapCall and Truecaller. It was found that many of the apps have been ...

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    FBI wants to aggressively monitor social media for potential threats


    The FBI are proposing to collect data from Facebook and other social media platforms. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal , the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been soliciting proposals from outside vendors to pull public data from social media companies, “to proactively identify and reactively monitor ...

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    Hackers can change your WhatsApp messages


    A cybersecurity firm has revealed that a vulnerability found on the WhatsApp could allow hackers to “put words in people’s mouths”. Check Point Research identified that threat actors could intercept and manipulate messages in both private and group conversations on the messaging app. This would enable attackers to ...

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    Instagram data privacy enabled location tracking of millions of users


    Instagram allowed a trusted advertising partner to harvest huge swathes of user data to create detailed files on account holders’ physical locations and personal bios, news reports reveal. According to Business Insider , the information was put together by Hyp3r, in contradiction of Instagram rules and without the popular photo-imagery ...