By Claire West

As the coalition Government announced the first in a series of cuts to public spending the National Union of Students (NUS) expressed disappointment that higher education had once again been singled out for reducations in funding.

The fresh round of cuts follows the £1bn which was slashed from government funding of the sector last year.

Commenting on the announcement, Aaron Porter, NUS President-elect, said

“Universities have already had to cope with huge cuts for the coming academic year and to hit already tight budgets, especially without giving institutions time to prepare, is self-defeating. Whilst we welcome the investment in further education it is short-sighted to make cuts that will inevitably lead to poorer standards of teaching for students at the very time when highly-skilled graduates are needed to help the country on the road to recovery.”

“The government promised no reductions in frontline services but cuts this deep will surely hit vital staffing and facilities, damaging the student experience in the process. If the government refuses to properly fund our universities their enviable reputation around the world will start to be called into question. Asking students and their families to pay more for less would be unacceptable and we will fight to ensure that the coalition takes its responsibility to students seriously.”

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