The Conservative party has launched a new group to look at the impact of government policy on the country’s SMEs.Earlier this week, the Conservative Parliamentary Enterprise Group (CPEG) was announced by the party. It will be staffed by a mixture of MPs and peers.As well as closely scrutinising how new government policy will affect small businesses, the group will also aim to promote SME’s interests within the Conservative party."The government’s obsession with regulation means that many problems facing small firms stretch far beyond the DTI. This new group will scrutinise the effects of policy on small businesses across the entirety of Whitehall," explained Mark Prisk, shadow minister for business and enterprise.Brian Binley, the new CPEG chairman, said that restoring the Conservative party’s image as "the party of business and enterprise" was vital if the political party hopes to win the next general election."The group is committed to helping to create the right economic environment that will encourage and create sustained growth in order for enterprise to flourish," Mr Binley added.Recently, the Federation of Small Businesses said that it was important for SMEs to take an active role in politics. The organisation said that political decisions "have a direct impact on everybody’s lives, including the livelihoods of small business owners and their employees".© Adfero Ltd

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