Our partners at Anthony Collins tell us about the growing concerns over the time it takes to register as a power of attorney, and the importance of having one


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Firstly, what is a power of attorney?  

Lasting powers of attorneys (LPAs) are documents where a person, with capacity (the donor), can appoint a person or people of their choice, to be able to take over decision-making powers if the donor loses their capacity in the future - including financial responsibilities. 

Recent research, however, has shown that The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is currently taking an average of 82 days to register LPAs in England and Wales, more than twice the OPG’s official target time - and this could have substantial effects on both parts. 

Anthony Collins is a specialist law firm based in Birmingham and Manchester that offers legal services for businesses and individuals - and deals with cases of LPA assignment. 

A recent blog written by Anthony Collins discusses the importance of assigning your LPA in time and investigates the current waiting period.  Read the full blog here.