The wait is finally over - from approving the recipes in July, designing the packaging & website in August to launching and hitting Keto Kitchen Counters across the UK at the end of September!

Concept to product in 3 months

Food & Drink Heroes judge Suzie Walker wants to shake up and challenge the food industry; with an immense passion for real, whole, good food she wants to forge a real food revolution.

With nearly 15 years in the industry; her journey takes her from large multinationals such as Nestle, to the challenger brands innocent drinks and Little Dish. In 2012 she qualified in Nutrition and her daughter was born. She went on to co-found The Primal Pantry (paleo free from snacks) and now works with food and drink brands who support her real good food philosophy.

Suzie is a huge believer in the keto way of eating, she has spent the last few years researching extensively its health benefits alongside scrupulously following the diet. She has come across the challenges that many newcomers of the diet face (esp in its early days such as the Keto Flu, the unruly carb cravings and the sheer shortfall of whole food low carb alternatives). Not surprisingly Suzie wants to make it easier for those following the keto way of eating to find whole food, great tasting, keto alternatives to their everyday favourites, bringing keto to the masses and taking it mainstream.

The Keto Collective full range of bars are now available and proudly made with 100% Natural ingredients, not an artificial sweetener in sight (no artificial flavours either for that matter).

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