By Claire West

Businesses are losing #14 million A DAY – because office workers spend so long re-booting their computers.

White collar workers are forced to re-start their failing computers at least once a day – each time having to wait almost four minutes for their PC to get going again.

But that means UK business are losing out on more than 1.1 million hours of work each day as their employees wait to log back on.

In total, each employee spends two working days a year switching their computer on and off after it freezes on them.

A staggering 14 per cent reckon they spend longer trying to fix problems than they do actually working, according to the poll by internet search engine

Some 71 per cent admit getting wound up by rebooting, but 12 per cent of the 2,000 workers who entered the poll admitted hitting their computer in frustration.

More than one in ten have even thrown things at their computer and 16 per cent have broken their keyboard or mouse.

Almost 43 per cent have lost an important document because of their rubbish PC – one in five suffer this at least once a week.

A spokesman for high-tech search startup said: ”These results are really alarming. If you are having to reboot your computer everyday something is wrong.

”50% of those surveyed felt that they didn’t have an IT person to call on when they have a problem.

”If business were aware of the money this is losing them, I’m sure they would treat their IT support problems more seriously.”

The computer running extremely slow is the most frustrating thing, according to more than half of Brits, with the average computer doing this three times a day.

Almost a quarter get most annoyed when their PC freezes mid-way through work followed by it randomly shutting itself down.

Top five most annoying things

1. Running very slowly

2. Freezes

3. Shuts down

4. Losing a document before saving it

5. Keyboard buttons stick

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