In an online world that is becoming more and more saturated with each minute that passes, it is becoming more and more difficult to truly stand out, especially if your company is a small, local business that is not poised to change the world.

Everyone is online these days and they are all getting on the HMS Digital Marketing at the speed of light. Everyone is hiring digital marketing agencies; everyone is sprucing up their websites; everyone is churning out content and (over)doing it on the social media.

So, how does a business stand out? By developing an app, of course.

The money issue

Yes, it is crude to start talking about money first thing out of the gate, but unfortunately, this is the only place to start. The reason for this is that app development does not come cheap and that most small-to-medium business owners are wondering why we are even discussing app development as a brand promotion solution.

And they do have a point. Going the traditional way to develop an app is going to cost a lot of money. A lot of money. Depending on where you go for your information, you will hear estimations of between £10,000 and £50,000 for the simplest, mostly one-platform (Android, iOS, Windows) app.

As the app grows more and more complex, the price will grow as well. This can quickly bring the cost of app development into six figures while the most comprehensive solutions can break the dreaded million-barrier.

So, definitely too pricey for a small-to-medium, local business.

The emergence of codeless

This is where codeless app development websites and services come in, filling a very real and a very large niche. These companies realized that there is a large market for apps that will not be the cream of the crop but that will be affordable for smaller, more local businesses. Even the biggest players like Microsoft are getting involved.

From there, they started developing templates for business apps, templates that the customer can use to “design” an app that will be unique to their business and that will work in the same way a more traditionally developed on would.

There are already plenty of such websites and companies that offer almost surprisingly affordable packages and options that make developing local business apps a perfectly viable reality.

The good and the bad

The most obvious advantage of these codeless apps is their price which is literally only a fraction of the price you would have to pay for traditionally developed app. For the prices that range from £10 to £200 a month, you can get an app for your business.

Another great thing is that the average user (your customer) is not even going to know that you have gone the affordable way to get your app developed. Unless they know a bit about app development, it is highly unlikely they will realize that your app is not a custom-made, state of the art solution.

Of course, you will reap all the benefits of having an app for your business, most of which have to do with brand promotion and direct marketing, but which can also improve the service you offer.

On the other hand, you may sometimes feel less than spectacular knowing that your app is not unique in the strictest sense. For some people this is a bigger problem than for others who understand that it is all about the bottom line in the end.

You should also keep in mind that your options are going to be limited due to the specific development process. You might find out that some features are not available and that your new app cannot look exactly how you imagined it. Because of this, you will always want to be very thorough before committing to any kind of payment.

There is definitely a lot to be excited about when codeless app development is in question. It allows companies with limited budgets and people with limited coding skills to have an app developed and stand out among the competition. Of course, there are limitations to how great these apps can be, but it is often a trade-off that makes sense for a small business owner.


By James D. Burbank, BizzMarkBlog