Credit score provider Clearscore joins forces with digital bank Zopa to tackle the current economic crisis. 

The two fintech businesses are coming together to launch the ‘2025 Fintech Pledge’, which aims to drive 10 million actions that will help consumer finances by 2025. Teaming up for the second time, the pair are hoping to make changes to help both people and the economy stay afloat. 

This is a big task, so how do they plan to do this? You may be asking…

The companies have set out four main focus points that they want to take on: savings, credit building, debt consolidation and utility marketplaces – and an aim to see consumers improve their financial positions in these sectors by making “positive” changes.  

“With the UK facing an unprecedented cost of living crisis, households need to use every tool at their disposal to build long-term financial resilience,” said Jaidev Janardana chief executive at Zopa. 

“This industry pledge – the first of its kind – will unite a wide variety of companies in one goal of driving positive financial actions for millions living in the UK. We’re delighted to be working with ClearScore as we begin this journey. As the scheme progresses, a variety of programmes and partnerships will help to drive 10 million actions by 2025.”

“This initiative can make a real difference in people’s lives,” said Justin Basini, chief executive and co-founder of The ClearScore Group.

“We can help people rethink their finances and take action to make themselves better off. The fintech industry has a key role to play in building financial resilience and we look forward to working with Zopa and future partners to make this a reality across the UK.”

Organisations looking to join the 2025 Fintech Pledge and consumers wanting to find out more can visit for more details on the initiative.