Whoever said “The hardest step is the first” surely wasn’t an entrepreneur: that initial venture into business marks the start of years of lesson-learning that can make life more like a case of three steps forwards, four steps back.

OGGS GBEA 2020 National Winner

2020 National Winner

While undeniably tough, starting a business creates its own energy of resilience, while overcoming obstacles and learning by doing forges the experience needed to conquer bigger and better things.

The Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year Award reaches out to those who have given everything to guiding their business through those all-important nascent stages.

The winner will have responded to the many inevitable drawbacks with an attitude that feels for the best in every situation with a heart that will not give up.

Within the last five years this business person will have identified and exploited market opportunity while building a solid foundation upon which their organisation can thrive.


Start-Up Entrepreneur

Remember, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate and champion the stories of entrepreneurs. True entrepreneurs are as much about their story as they are about their balance sheet.The Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate the truly inspiring entrepreneurs who are the agents of positive change in our country.

Application top tips:

  1. Don’t fall back on cliches and tired storylines. 
  2. Don’t undersell yourself, your business or your hard work.
  3. Give us the truth, no just the formula.
  4. You are the hero/heroine of your story; tell us about your ingenuity, your insight.