Fast-growth, scaling businesses are committed to economic growth; they drive job creation and boost revenue.

Oh-Polly GBEA 2020 National Winners

2020 National Winners

But with growth come many new problems, from an expanding workload and the pressure to maximise efficiencies, to the need for more productivity in the face of higher demands.

As a buzzword, scalability has been more prevalent in recent years because technology has made it easier to forensically analyse a company’s performance. Such intense scrutiny has made life even harder for scale-intent business owners, as there’s simply nowhere to hide.

While there remains no official international accreditation for the businesses at this stage of growth, scale-ups are without question an essential component of our economy.

The Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year Award in partnership with Salesforce, seeks to redress the balance by championing entrepreneurs that have put everything into strategising the expansion and cost of doing business. 

Behind them, a very traceable history of extending reach and revenue. Ahead of them lies the constant hunt for business multipliers.

The business must have achieved at least 20% growth in each of the last three years, with at least 10 employees at the start of that period.

Scale Up

Remember, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate and champion the stories of entrepreneurs. True entrepreneurs are as much about their story as they are about their balance sheet.The Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate the truly inspiring entrepreneurs who are the agents of positive change in our country.

Application top tips:

  1. Don’t fall back on cliches and tired storylines. 
  2. Don’t undersell yourself, your business or your hard work.
  3. Give us the truth, no just the formula.
  4. You are the hero/heroine of your story; tell us about your ingenuity, your insight.