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Proper GBEA 2020 National Winner

2020 National Winner

From mouth-watering burgers, to silky craft ales and fiery street food; show-stopping noodles to ethical juices and eco-conscious confectionaries, the Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year Award will recognise and champion those entrepreneurs who are running the businesses that are taking the nations taste-buds by storm.

The winning entrepreneur(s) will have used their culinary and business process to create an established business that delivers a product as tantalising in taste as their entrepreneurial story!

Food and Drink

Remember, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate and champion the stories of entrepreneurs. True entrepreneurs are as much about their story as they are about their balance sheet.The Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate the truly inspiring entrepreneurs who are the agents of positive change in our country.

Application top tips:

  1. Don’t fall back on cliches and tired storylines. 
  2. Don’t undersell yourself, your business or your hard work.
  3. Give us the truth, no just the formula.
  4. You are the hero/heroine of your story; tell us about your ingenuity, your insight.