By Jonathan Davies

The creator of mobile game Candy Crush, King, has announced it will float on the New York Stock Exchange.

King is yet to reveal how many shares will be available or how much they will cost. But the British technology company is hoping the floatation with raise around $500m.

Candy Crush Saga rose to fame to in 2013 and went on to become the most downloaded app by the end of the year.

King launched in August 2003 under the name before changing its name two years later. Despite having hundreds of millions of online players playing their games, King didn’t really take off until 2011.

After launching their first Facebook game in September 2011, King became one of the Top 10 developers on the social networking site just two months later.

Following the launch of Candy Crush on mobile in November 2012, King’s games had been played 9 billion times with 80 million monthly active users.

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