By Lea Pachta

James Caan, entrepreneur and star of BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den series, believes he has found a product to encourage the change to green power for personal home use. Smart Power Products Limited, a British company that recently secured a substantial £80,000 Dragons’ Den investment from Caan, has developed the Secret Energy Turbine, a vertical axis wind turbine discreetly housed in a traditional chimney pot, providing ample energy to supply most domestic lighting and light-duty electrical needs.

“With the Government targeting a 34% cut in emissions by 2020, we need to find a way to make wind power practical, cost-effective, efficient and visually attractive,” said Caan. “The Secret Energy Turbine does exactly that.”

Rupert Sweet-Escott, a British aviation specialist, serial inventor, designer of the Secret Energy Turbine and founder of Smart Power Products, added: “Wind power remains the most commercially viable and technically mature option for green energy – three times the amount of wind blows across our island than is needed to meet our electricity needs. The growth of wind farms has caused pressure groups to question the visual impact of large ‘industrial machinery’ on previously unspoiled countryside, and call for a more attractive and subtle solution. I believe the Secret Energy Turbine offers exactly that.”

James Caan’s investment for a 49% stake in Rupert Sweet-Escott’s company covers all of the inventor’s products, including Airbike, a pedal-driven power system for paragliders.

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