The government has announced positive figures showing a very high proportion of businesses clearly following the new regulations prohibiting smoking in enclosed public spaces.Over two weeks of inspections after the ban came into force 97 per cent of businesses across England were found to be completely smoke-free, according to the Department of Health.Furthermore, 79 per cent of firms were found to have the correct signs in place to warn people against smoking indoors in a public space."When we introduced the smoke-free law last month, we predicted that it would be largely self-enforcing based on experience elsewhere and the fact that three-quarters of the public supported the move," said public health minister Dawn Primarolo."These figures confirm that, just as happened previously in Ireland then Scotland, England saw very high levels of compliance in the first few days. All the signs are that businesses and the public have taken the new law in their stride," she added.Most promising was the level of co-operation in business vehicles, which are also covered by the ban, as 98 per cent were found to be smoke-free while 84 per cent had the correct signage.© Adfero Ltd