By Kelvin Newman, SiteVisibility

Knowing that the demand for content marketing is increasing, it’s worth investing resources to start researching and learning more about the opportunities content marketing can bring to a site. With 86% of B2C companies and 54% B2B all looking to increase their content marketing spend over the next 12 months it can only mean one thing; content marketing is the new darling of the marketing industry.

It is vital for companies and clients to understand how certain forms of link building can be translated into longer-term content marketing campaigns. Here we will aim to give you a rough framework on how to start building a content marketing strategy for your site.

1. Understand your company: How do you bring in revenue? What products or services bring in the most revenue? Why do these products bring in the most revenue (high profit margin, high demand, branding considerations)? Who are your existing customers?

2. Marketing considerations. Understand the existing content process

– What are the editorial guidelines?

– Who decides what type of content to produce?

– What types of content does the team currently produce?

– What are the company’s brand considerations?

3. Data Collection: Having a suitable amount of data available can help you make informed decisions. The more you understand about your site and your customers, you will be able to make informed and strategic decisions to the type(s) of content to produce. This can include keyword research; market research and surveys; and competitor analysis.

4. Preparation: Now that new data has been collected from various channels, it’s important to assess/analyze the data that has just been collected and see how it correlates with the data that you already have on-hand.

5. Create the content: Now create the pieces of content and follow the internal protocols and sign-off processes. Ensure that editorial standards are being followed and that your content is phenomenal!

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