What is a Growth Sprint and how does it work?

If there are elements of your business that you feel isn’t progressing as fast or effectively as you would like, a Growth Sprint could be the solution. 

Ordinarily, a Growth Sprint is facilitated within a workshop-style format and must have a protected and committed time space to ensure success. Led by a Growth Sprint facilitator, team members will come together and deep dive into the company and identify a business challenge or goal. Growth Sprints are an innovative approach to business consultancy and can achieve results within just 2 weeks. 

Our partners at GAIN LINE have put together a case study to explain what value a Growth Sprint could bring to your business, using examples from their work with employee retention specialists, Your FLOCK.

Read the full case study here.

Want to learn more? GAIN LINE will be joining us to host a webinar that can teach you how to skyrocket your business growth in less than 2 weeks with a growth sprint! 

Get an introduction to Growth Sprinting and find out how it will impact your business. This webinar features a breakdown of Growth Sprint methodology from a leading Growth Sprint facilitator, a detailed example of how a Growth Sprint actually works, as well as a guest speaker from an independent business to explain in real terms - what it has meant for them.

Register your free space for the webinar here.