When you think of businesses like Coca-Cola, Nike, and McDonald’s the first thing that comes to mind is their distinctive branding - and that’s down to their consistency.


Nike’s logo is simply a tick, but if you see it you know straight away which brand it belongs to because of how consistent they are. From their brand colours, and their slogan, to their strong use of celebrity endorsements. The key is their consistency!

Brand consistency can be hard to establish, but it’s important to focus on it from the get-go if you want to succeed. In order to create brand consistency, you need to determine what matters to your business and the feelings you want to invoke in your customers. Find a few key emotional elements to establish as the base of your brand, then build off of them over time. This is how you can become a household name. 

So, what can a consistent brand do for your brand?


One of the main reasons you build your brand in the first place is to grow awareness in order to create leads. You want your customers to walk past an ad, or hear your jingle and know it’s from your business immediately. This is when you will have created brand recognition. 

When this recognition is built around your brand you are more likely to stay on people’s minds and be one of their first thoughts when they are in need of your product or services. This is why it’s crucial to be consistent to ensure you easily spring to mind. For example, if you are a camping brand, everyone should be scrambling to get your equipment when they plan their next camping trip. 


People tend to choose brands that are credible, and reliable, and that comes with trust. People don’t like change when it comes to brands they’re using and tend to stick to what they already know. Even if the consumer knows they aren’t getting the best service, there is a comfort that comes with knowing what to expect.

Similarly to when traditional tv programmes change their cast or the way the programme is run, it never seems to get a good reaction from the public. Humans don’t deal well with change. That’s why, when it comes to brands, consistency = trust. 

Consumers like to know what to expect and what the outcome will be. If they feel like your brand is constantly changing, they will be confused and assume that they can’t trust your business. This could show that your business and its values could change at any moment.

Other things that can improve with consistent branding include: 

  • Valuable connections 

  • Reputation 

  • Reliability 

  • More leads and sales 

  • Bigger ROI

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