A business plan is a document that provides entrepreneurs with the ability to track set goals and objectives to see if their business is heading in the correct direction. Writing a business plan doesn’t have to be a huge document, instead, it can be a tool or map to track the specific milestones that you want to reach. Within a business plan, it highlights how you are going to achieve those goals and objectives, who is responsible and the overall entailed costs. Business plans are so essential, that there is a 30% faster business growth rate with those who create and use one than those who don’t, so it’s important to incorporate one. 

A recent article by our partners GAIN LINE, highlights some of the main steps to improve your business planning, including how to set goals, create a timeline, and the importance of reviewing your plans. 

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GAIN LINE isn’t your ordinary business consultancy, their experts guide you through a structured process to challenge you and keep you on track to make sure you come out of our process with tangible practical actions that you and your team will buy into and have ownership of.

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