Many Clear Channel Direct customers start local, but quickly find that growing their presence in their hometown can lead to a bigger national profile. But how can you use a local campaign as a stepping-stone towards growing your business nationally? A double-glazing company we work with has recently done just this, and this article will reveal how you can too.

Running your local campaign

It tends to start with a local campaign, where you establish yourself in your area for being known, reliable and trustworthy. You can create a campaign that makes reference to local things such as a sports team the residents are likely to support or a local phrase or saying. Whatever approach you take on the creative, make it clear you’re from the area and you’re part of its lifeblood.

Local Out of Home is fairly unique as an above-the-line advertising medium in that you can be incredibly targeted about the locations you advertise in.

Where radio and TV ads target entire regions, Out of Home can focus on a specific community, or even street. This makes it ideal to grow your local fame in accordance with your budget and requirements, or in line with the customers you’re targeting.

Your local campaign will be built on some incredible data. The major Out of Home media owners like Clear Channel use a third party company called Route to compile demographic data from across the country, which will be used to pinpoint your best customer.

Give your planner a profile of the customer you’re trying to reach and they’ll be able to place your ad in the best possible location to reach them. You’re essentially tapping into a collective £19m investment to help create an intelligent, targeted campaign.

Two approaches to building your footprint

Now that you’ve gained some local fame, how do you build on it? There are two distinct strategies, and which one you take depends on your customers.

  1. Grow outwards organically - if you’re a growing utilities provider, for example, your customer is pretty much anyone, so the most obvious way is to expand your reach within your area is by reaching into other local neighbourhoods, slowly growing out until you’ve increased your regional footprint. This approach essentially allows you to reinvest profits from a campaign into driving further reach.
  2. Go local, but with a national footprint - most businesses have very specific target customers, in which case this approach is far better for you. Maybe you sell automated garage doors that only tend to get bought by people with expensive properties. You’ll have much better results by moving your campaign to an affluent area of another city, therefore extending your reach but still taking advantage of local advertising.

Draw on local knowledge

The one piece of the puzzle missing with moving your advertising to another area is local knowledge. The reason your first campaign performed so well is potentially down to the fact you were advertising to people you know and understand.

This is where it helps that Clear Channel is a global brand with local offices in all regions of the UK. We can provide that local knowledge so you adjust your campaign or targeting accordingly.

The double-glazing company I mentioned earlier specialises in sash windows. They traditionally sold to other businesses but were looking to tap into the potentially lucrative consumer audience by selling direct online.

They started with a campaign in their city that established them in their area, then utilised the local knowledge of our other regional offices to grow their footprint nationally.

They were able to scale up and down on their own terms, and quickly identify which regions performed better over others by measuring where their sales came from.

Once you’ve got presence across the whole of the UK, all of a sudden the entire world doesn’t seem such a big place…


  • Think about creative ideas that can easily travel to different areas. For example, your ad could show customers wearing the local team’s shirt.
  • Choose your strategy for growth in line with where your best customer can be reached.
  • Measure everything so you can identify which regions respond the most to your ads. Use tools like customer surveys, Google analytics, or dedicated local landing pages to identify where your customers are coming from, and as such where your ads are best received.

By Emma Woods, territory sales manager, Clear Channel Direct