DrivenMedia are your advertising partner if you want to get your brand onto the UK’s major road network, one of the most congested in Europe, we use commercial trucks as mobile billboards.

Subscription rears are the perfect advertising solution for small business, with no fixed contract, just a two month notice period and a fixed amount every month. It’s time your small business stood out on the one place nobody expects. Each rear is seen by 20,000 people per day and has an average dwelltime of 48 seconds.

The main difference is the contact length all our campaign are fixed 6 or 12 months, however we can offer these as a pay as you go format to give small businesses the flexibility to start/stop their campaign as they please.

Normally you can’t change the advert in the middle however we’ve managed as we’ve split the cost we can, it works out only slightly more expensive than or 12-month campaign which you’d have to pay at least 50% upfront for. It’s to help small businesses thrive!

Offer includes:

  • Production or new artwork: £650 +VAT
  • Monthly Rental: £350 +VAT (per truck)
  • 20,000 people per day, 48 second dwell time
  • No fixed commitment, just pay as you go with a 2 month notice period
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