Baking. It’s all become a little bit serious. We watch pros battle it out, never quite sure how they do it. But baking is for everyone. Big Bakes are all about the fun, creativity, accessibility and of course taste! The Big Bakes team do all the boring prep, develop amazing recipes and no matter your experience, create an amazing day out. And with a new bake every month, the fun never stops.

The Big Bakes- Rising to the top

What have been your favourite personal entrepreneurial triumphs along your business journey?

We really believe the future of entertainment is immersive. Customers demand so much out of events today, and the whole experience needs to feel crafted from start to finish. We also get to tap into peoples creativity, whilst creating the perfect social environment. The journey to where we are today has been hugely exciting and there have certainly a few moments along they way that have been standout moments.

You recently won the GBEA Regional Award for Small Business in London and the South East, what did that mean to you?

It was third times a charm for us. We have been finalists the last three years running, and to win during the most challenging year hospitality has ever faced was really fantastic. It is always great to have the recognition and reassurance that despite everything that is going on, you are doing great work. We will be celebrating properly once we can get all our team together safely.

For the full interview with Adam and Eloise, look out for our launch issue of the Food & Drink Heroes Magazine, out later this month!