The entrepreneurs revolutionising the pet food industry for your furry friends

Food & Drink Heroes 2021 - Ones to Watch - Animal Food

Chloe Heaton

The Innocent Pet

The Innocent Pet creates luxury pet treats that are nutritious, healthy, and made with good quality, carefully sourced British ingredients. The products are grain free and hypoallergenic, and many are single protein making them ideal for pets who struggle with intolerances.

David Taylor, Tim Matthews & Richard Grant

Walker & Drake

Naturally delicious dog food. A complete nutrition dog food with high meat content, a carefully designed blend of quality ingredients and no junk, all pressed together to lock in nutrients!

Dylan Watkins

Poppy’s Picnic

These tasty wholesome recipes have been lovingly crafted with the help of canine nutritionists and fourth generation butchers. With no hidden nasties, the balanced meals contain all the goodness a dog needs for optimal health and wellbeing.

Fatima Maktari


Tribal uses a gentle cooking process to lock in loads of nutrients and all the essential stuff! Their core philosophy is to pack in as much natural goodness they can get into the food, so that your dog can have the best diet and a diet that every dog deserves.

Guy Blaskey

Pooch & Mutt

Working with some of the top nutritionists in the UK, Guy developed the Pooch & Mutt food range, to not only cut out the junk of mass-produced pet foods, but to include positive nutrition, such as supplements and nutraceuticals, to help dogs lead happy, healthy lives.

Henrietta Morrison

Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen creates naturally delicious, wholesome food for cats and dogs because they believe our pets deserve to eat proper food that’s full of nourishing ingredients. We all know a balanced, nutritious diet is key to staying in tip-top condition, inside and out.

Jack Walker & Aneisha Soobroyen


Pet parents, Jack and Aneisha, struggled with their pets upset tummies. Until they discovered probiotics and the importance of gut health. Declaring war on bad poos, they quit their jobs to make natural pet food and treats, that’s kind to tummies and to the planet.

James Lacy & Nathan Perr


The chews are packed with fresh fruit, healthy fats, antioxidants and fibre that aid healthy digestion and keeps your dog’s coat shiny. They use only 100% natural ingredients including real meat or fish, fresh fruit and vegetables.

James Middleton

Ella & Co

James developed Ella & Co’s freeze-dried raw food with nutritionists and industry experts to create a complete and balanced meal, specially designed for the benefit of our dogs.

Janine Kell

The Golden Paste Co

Turmeric Supplements, made with the highest quality ingredients, for horses, dogs and cats, and for people. Specifically formulated to enhance the bio availability of Turmeric.

Jessica McCarthy

Bunnies That Lunch

Jessica believes that all bunnies deserve to lead a life of luxury. Every month Bunnies That Lunch send out subscriptions boxes jam packed with Bunny friendly toys and healthy treats, sealed with bunny love.

John Burns

Burns Pet Food

Burns Pet Food’s professional, friendly nutritionists have over 50 years of experience between them to help advise you how to feed and care for your pet with our food which is designed specifically to manage health problems in dogs, cats and rabbits.

Julie Woodard & Bill Sainsbury

Nibble & Nosh

Nibble & Nosh was started in 2020 by Julie Woodard & Bill Sainsbury to pamper a very spoilt pooch by the name of Poppy. Their aim is to create the highest quality, healthy, super-tasty, guilt-free treats for your pampered pooch, delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

Louis Chalabi & Koen Bostoen

Edgard & Cooper

The simple, wholesome, recipes are developed by university experts to provide maximum nutrition from natural ingredients. It’s like your dog or cat has his own personal trainer.

Mathew Cockroft & Daniel Valdur Eha

Pure Pet Food

Pure Pet Food gently air-dry 100% natural, human-grade ingredients to remove moisture and lock in the nutrients. This non-destructive air-drying maintains ingredients’ nutritional integrity, which is personalised to your pet.

Mark Scott & Tony Ottley

Bella & Duke

They take the best locally sourced ingredients, from suppliers they know, blending them together in their kitchen following the latest nutritional science. They freeze it immediately and then deliver them to you, so you can feed them to your four legged friend.

Mel Forsyth

Forsyth and Tedd

The dog deli treat boxes are bursting with delicious chews and tasty treats. Delivered straight to your door. Each box is handpicked to ensure you get a great variety of tasty, natural, wholesome treats and chews, great for your dogs teeth and gums, and mental wellbeing.

Prashant Patwardhan

Pawfect Foods

Simplicity and transparency sit at the heart of the brand, which is why they keep the recipes simple and uncomplicated, only adding an ingredient if it brings something truly substantial (taste, nutrients…) to the party.

Robert & Valerie Honeywood


A superior horse feed that is high in fibre, extremely palatable and above all, nutritious and safe, making it the natural choice for your horse, pony or donkey. Honeychop sources all their ingredients to ensure that high standards are always met.

Steve Bennett & Lisa Morton

Woof & Brew

Home of the award-winning Pet Drinks Company, and to some of the most unique, healthy tonics and treats for loved pets. Woof & Brew have made it their mission to provide refreshment and hydration that helps our pets live well, be happy and feel loved.