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    NASDAQ hits new record as techs continue to celebrate – US small companies do well too


    Stock markets tracking US techs and smaller businesses are surging, it is like the good times are back, it is not quite so good for the traditional US companies. Why? When Nat King Cole sang about love, he said “it is over before it has begun.” Well, much the same ...

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    The end of reflation?


    The hope was that inflation was making a return, and a cheap pound would give UK exports a boost. The markets went out and bought on such hope. But was it a forlorn hope? Inflation has been creeping up, right? In the UK, it has risen from minus 0.1 per ...

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    Fintech and challenger banks beginning to challenge, warns Bank of England governor


    Image: Tech in Asia Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, and PwC have been busy waxing lyrical about challenger banks and Fintech. Fintech is beginning to pose a threat to the business model of traditional banks, said Mark Carney, yesterday. He warned that Fintech could reduce loyalty ...

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    Real wages are still going up, but for how much longer?


    The latest data on the UK labour market was ambiguous. Employment was up, unemployment down, but wages are now rising at a pace which is only a fraction higher than inflation. What matters when looking at wages, and the effect they will have on the economy, is how they compare ...

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    Data from China may suggest inflation scare is drawing to a close


    Inflation has been creeping up worldwide, leading to expectations of higher interest rates. But news in from China today suggests that danger is going away, on its own accord. Back in February a somewhat alarming picture seemed to be emerging. In Germany, inflation surged to 2.2 per cent, from just ...

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    Easter bunny hits UK inflation, but it will soon start hopping up again


    UK inflation stayed on hold in March, core inflation fell, but watch out for wages. Two months in a row. UK inflation (CPI) stood at 2.3 per cent in March the same as the month before. That's from 1.6 per cent in December, 0.6 per cent last August, and just ...

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    Bank of England gets caught up in LIBOR scandal, did it protest too much?


    When Barclays was found guilty of rigging LIBOR, regulators threw the book at it. But is it possible that the bank was acting under instruction from the Bank of England? The BBC reckons it has found a rather large hole in the mask of innocence worn by the Bank of ...

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    US economic news falls to dip stage on roller-coaster ride


    Ten days ago, the news on the US economy was quite spectacularly good. The latest data was almost as bad as the previous data was good. What is going on? It may simply be that everything is going back to normal. President Trump looks increasing like every other president – ...

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    Spotify considers float without IPO but does it dare?


    Image: Flickr When is an initial public offering not an initial public offering? Answer: when you are called Spotify – maybe. It is considering a public flotation, without an IPO. When companies become listed on the stock market, they usually look to raise money. It works like this: they ...

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    UK manufacturing hit again, trade deficit widens


    With sterling cheaper, the hope is that UK exporters can sell more and manufacturing can make a return to form. Today, we got the latest data on UK manufacturing for February. Is it working? The simple answer is no, but that may not be a reason to panic. UK manufacturing ...

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    No sign of productivity puzzle solution


    You could call it the British disease, although Japan has it just as bad, and the rest of the developed world seems to be catching it. It is a key driver of the economy: productivity, and data out today suggests an improvement, but nowhere near as much of an improvement ...

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    Eurozone still growing faster than UK


    Today we have the complete set – the latest purchasing managers’ indexes covering the UK, and Eurozone. Together they create about a complete a picture we can get for how the economies did in March. It has been another good month for Germany, not bad at all for the Eurozone, ...

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    UK manufacturing solid, euro area see growth accelerate


    Image: Spencer Cooper The latest purchasing managers indexes tracking manufacturing and out today told a good story about the UK, but a much better story concerning the euro area. The purchasing managers indexes – or PMIs, if you in a hurry – are just among the most closely watched ...

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    UK economy surges, but is it the wrong type of surge?


    Image: Wikimedia The UK savings ratio is at the lowest level ever, finds new data out today, but, at least falling savings helped propel the UK economy forward, at the end of last year. The UK economy grew at 0.7 per cent in the final quarter of 2016 – ...

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    Is Lloyds of London set to become Lloyds of Brussels?


    Is Lloyds of London, a key pillar in the City of London, set to become Lloyds of Brussels? Actually, there is no talk of the entire franchise board uprooting, it’s London base will remain core. Even so, the move to Brussels, expected to be announced today is hugely significant, Lloyds ...

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    Consumer confidence surges, on both sides of the Atlantic, is US set to boom?


    In the US, it is soaring, but in the UK it is doing pretty well too – consumers are in a confident mood. Can it last? Let’s start with the more spectacular piece of news. In the US, the closely watched consumer confidence index from the Conference Board has risen ...

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    Brexit myth exposed: Germany leads Eurozone economic charge

    2017-03-27T11:07:15Z Put the Brexit debate on hold and pull back and see the bigger picture. If the latest data is only a little bit accurate, the Eurozone economy is in the midst of a full-blown recovery. It matters not whether you are pro or anti-Brexit. You are both getting ...

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    UK economy shifts


    Image: Hans Splinter/Flickr Data out this week provides evidence that the UK economy is finally doing the thing that people have been wanting it to do for years, but the big challenge lies ahead. The problem: the UK economy is too reliant on consumer spending, which largely seems reliant ...

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    Markets tumble, but no reason to panic, yet


    US stocks suffered their biggest daily loss since the US election yesterday, how serious is this? What goes up must come down, or so said Isaac. But he was not entirely correct. We now know that if you can find your way out of the Earth’s atmosphere, you can stay ...

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    UK inflation rises to highest level since 2013


    Image: Flickr UK inflation saw a big jump in February, but there is a deeper concern.It’s the combination that is worrying. UK inflation jumped from 1.9 per cent in January to 2.3 per cent in February, the highest level since September 2013. That’s bad enough. But last week data ...