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    FTSE 100 hits new high, is UK plc on a high too?


    The FTSE 100, the index sometimes referred to as being akin to the UK’s share price, closed at a new record high yesterday. Why? Bruno was alone in not seeing it coming. Bruno is a dog, owned by an economist. The thing is, just about every economist and their dog ...

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    Fed increases interest rates, but what next?


    The US Federal Reserve has increased interest rates for only the third time since the 2007-2009 recession, but how big a deal this is depends on what happens next. Sometimes, two or three years after the US Federal Reserve begins a period of increasing interest rates trouble sets in. We ...

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    Markets prepare for triple whammy


    Three developments may occur this week which could have a massive impact on the markets. Firstly, the Theresa May government may kick-off Article 50. Secondly, the US Federal Reserve will probably increase US interest rates. Thirdly, there will be an election in Holland. The event that has the potential to ...

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    Don’t get taken in by Trump mirage warns top investor

    2017-03-10T10:34:42Z Bill Gross, the man who has been hailed as the bond king, has warned the investment world not to get carried away by Trumponomics. Mr Gross, who for many years was the high profile name behind Pimco, the fund he co-founded, and which had $270 billion worth of ...

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    Chinese producer prices soar


    Producer prices in China leaped again last month, prepare for a knock-on effect on the UK. Something odd happened in China last month, but don’t expect the oddity to last. China’s inflation rate fell, and quite sharply, down from 2.5 per cent in January, a 32-month high, to just 0.8 ...

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    Hammond’s budget may have been based on false assumptions


    Image: Foreign and Commonwealth Office When the Chancellor revealed his budget yesterday, he based his plans on assumptions made by the Office of Budget Responsibility. But were those assumptions credible? The Office of Budget Responsibility – or OBR – assumed that the UK economy would grow faster than expected ...

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    Snap surges on IPO, but is this an elitist move too far?


    Image: Snapchat Silicon Valley versus ordinary folk: the Snap IPO may symbolise the great political divide of our time.By any standards, the Snap IPO was a massive success – shares surged 44 per cent on the day the company went public, as the loss-making social media platform with ten ...

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    US markets surge again – is the recovery finally happening?


    The US stock markets saw a grand slam yesterday, with no less than four indexes hitting new all time-highs. But look deeper, and there is something else that is even more encouraging going on. The famous economist Paul Samuelson once wrote that the ‘stock market has forecast nine of the ...

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    Trump’s rendezvous with reality over China


    President Trump’s new treasury secretary appears to have contradicted his boss over one of the president’s more vocal ideas – and related to China. One analyst described it as a ‘rendezvous with reality.’It all began with strong words and then a telephone call to the president of Taiwan. China, it ...

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    UK growth picks up a treat: but a re-balancing act is set to follow


    Data out yesterday revealed a good end to 2017 for the UK, but the economy has a challenge ahead. How well can it grapple with it?The ONS, as it so often does, has changed its mind. It did estimate UK growth in GDP at the end of last year at ...

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    Bank of England confession: it cannot predict the unpredictable


    The critics wade in: The Bank of England has admitted it will not be able to predict the next financial crisis. But drill down, and what the Bank actually said, was entirely reasonable. It happened in front of the Treasury select committee. Gertjan Vlieghe, a member of the Bank of ...

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    Unilever wins battle against Kraft after just one shot


    Image: Unilever The Unilever Kraft battle is over, but if nothing else, it illustrates the dangers implicit in long-term thinking. What has love, according to Nat King Cole, and the Kraft Heinz bid got in common? Answer, they are over before they begin. Nat King Cole concluded that: “When ...

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    2008 and all that, is the US in danger of repeating past errors?

    2017-02-17T10:33:10Z Financial regulation is set to be watered down, the US economy is booming, the stock market is soaring. It’s all good, right? Well, maybe there is a major problem brewing, and its problem that those with memories of 2008 will be all too familiar with.Household debt in the ...

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    Is global inflation set to burst from the US lamp?


    News from the US yesterday may be telling us that US inflation is set to surge, leading to much higher interest rates, which will eventually kick off higher rates in the UK too, creating a quite new economic environment. US inflation rose to 2.5 per cent in January, the highest ...

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    Cause for celebration or panic: global stock markets reach new high


    An index tracking global stock markets has hit a new all-time high. Should we be cracking open the Bolly in anticipation of the good times, or should we be rushing for the economic equivalent of a bomb shelter, in fear of a bubble?What goes up, must come down! Shares are ...

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    IMF says Greece needs more


    Greece is in the news again, will it leave the euro, is that a bargain in the making for those who want to move to the Greek Islands? Pierre Moscovici is in Greece. He is one of the EU's top economists. The EU wants Greece to make painful reforms, cutting ...

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    Inflation picks up again, but for how long?


    Image: Flickr UK inflation jumped again in January, but how much of a worry is this? UK Inflation jumped to 1.8 per cent in January, the highest level since the first half of 2014. Economists expect it to rise further. But there is another way of looking at it. ...

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    China's threat to market complacency


    News from China this morning may represent the beginning of the end of the Trump bounce in share prices. And the news relates to inflation.The markets keep hitting highs, and in the US, it’s been a triumvirate of highs – The Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P 500 have been hitting ...

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    Is that an economic tsunami brewing in China?


    Developments are occurring in China that may have a big impact upon us, here in the west, and later this decade. The world is an interconnected place. What happens on the other side of the Great Wall has an impact upon us. Take the financial crisis of 2008, as an ...

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    Retail sales tumble in January


    Retail sales fell in January, says a closely watched survey. UK retail sales fell by 0.6 per cent in January, compared to the month before. That was after seeing a one per cent growth rate in December, according to the latest BRC/KPMG Retail Monitor. The findings chime with the latest ...