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  • Troy Collins

    What are the benefits of networking?


    [embed][/embed] Most, if not all, entrepreneurs will tell an aspiring business owner that networking is essential to success. But why? What do you get from networking? What are the benefits? On behalf of E2Exchange , we asked three entrepreneurs for their thoughts on the benefits of networking. Firstly we spoke ...

  • Duncan Bannatyne

    Are entrepreneurs born or made?


    [embed][/embed] 'Why did you become an entrepreneur?' is often one of the most interesting questions you can ask an entrepreneur. So, on behalf of E2Exchange , we asked one of the UK's most recognisable entrepreneurs why he became an entrepreneur. "I became an entrepreneur because I failed at school," said ...

  • Hayley Parsons

    Entrepreneur Wales Awards: We chat with Hayley Parsons (Part 1)


    Francesca Russell talks to GoCompare founder and Entrepreneur Wales Awards judge Hayley Parsons about her entrepreneurial journey and her plans for the future.

  • Article

    Survive And Thrive In The Crisis By Trading Internationally


    "I think in the modern world, for business, you don't have the choice. You have to look at a much broader market than just the UK shores." - Stephen Bates, CEO, ITRS Group, Winners of The HSBC International Trade Awards 2009

  • James Stafford

    Why is omni-channel engagement so important to business?


    [video mp4="" poster="" autoplay="true"][/video] 'Omni-channel engagement' may sound complete sound like a completely alien term to many business owners. But not James Stafford, business development manager at Parker Software. We caught up with James ahead of the 2015 Digital Marketing Show to find out more about omni-channel engagement, and ...

  • Andy Mallinson

    Why is user-generated content so important?


    [video mp4="" poster="" autoplay="true"][/video] User-generated content (UGC). If you're note sure what it is, think Wikipedia. Think Pinterest. Think Tumblr. Think GoPro. It's a 'does what it says on the tin' term, in that, its when a company's users or customers produce content. To find out more ahead of the ...

  • ME

    Entrepreneur Wales Awards: Judges chat with Jonathan Davies


    [video mp4="" poster="" autoplay="true"][/video] Fresh Business Thinking editor, Jonathan Davies, is part of the judging panel for the first ever Entrepreneur Wales Awards . So what better time to turn the tables and ask him a few questions? We asked him why entrepreneurs are so important to the economy. He ...

  • Rob Lo Bue

    Entrepreneur Wales Awards: Judges chat with Robert Lo Bue


    [video mp4="" poster="" autoplay="true"][/video] Ahead of the Entrepreneur Wales Awards, we spoke to judge Robert Lo Bue, founder of Applingua, about what advice he would give to a budding entrepreneur, why are entrepreneurs so important to the economy, and what gives Wales the entrepreneurial edge. He said entrepreneurs always need ...

  • Mark Hooper

    Entrepreneur Wales Awards: Judges chat with Mark Hooper


    [video mp4="" poster="" autoplay="true"][/video] In preparation for the inaugural Entrepreneur Wales Awards , it is important to know what qualities an entrepreneur should have; Why are they important? And why is it important to celebrate them? We spoke to one of the judges Mark Hooper, founder of Indycube and asked ...

  • Jonathan Deacon

    Entrepreneur Wales Awards: Judges chat with Dr. Jonathan Deacon


    [video mp4="" poster="" autoplay="true"][/video] Following the launch of the Entrepreneur Wales Awards , we spoke Dr. Jonathon Deacon, senior academic at the University of South Wales, who has come on board as one of the judging panel. “Entrepreneurs are important to not just our economy but every economy. Entrepreneurs are ...

  • Martin Broadhurst

    Martin Broadhurst - Digital Marketing Manager of Katapult Inbound


    Martin Broadhurst sheds a little more light on his presentation at the 2014 Digital Marketing Show.