By Jason Theodorou

Apple will open its biggest ever Apple Store on Saturday. It will be the 300th store opened by the technology company, and is planned to be the biggest. The store will boast more iPhones than any other shop in the world, and is set to house seperate rooms for all Apple products.

Employees at the store will scan products with iPod Touches, as opposed to using tills. The store will have a special team for helping small businesses with their technology needs. Apple’s stores are overseen by Ron Johnson, senior vice president for retail. He said that the new store will have space for children, and provide opportunities for training on Apple products.

The shop will occupy four floors and have a courtyard and eight-bay arcade. Apple’s store in Regent Street is the most profitable shop per square foot in London, with takings close to £60 million per year, equating to £2,000 per square foot.

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