By Lea Pachta

Last night Apple has unveiled its latest product, the iPad.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive presented the newest gadget at an event San Francisco. He explained the new tablet device is “more intimate than a laptop, more capable than a smartphone”.

The new product looks like a larger iPhone. It measures 24.6cm (9.7in) and weights 700g (1.5lb). It’s only 1.27cm (0.5in) thick though, which makes it a very sleek device.

The tablet computer allows users to surf the web, send emails, read newspapers, stream videos and download files. Similar to the iPhone, it is a touch-screen device without a keyboard, running the MultiTouch OS. The touch-screen keyboard can be turned vertically or horizontally, depending on how you turn the iPad.

Apple’s co-founder explained at the event last night that they managed to achieve 10 hours of battery life: “I can take a flight from San Francisco to Tokyo and watch video the whole time.”

Apple’s iPad has a flash memory of 16-64GB. The 16GB, non-3G model is priced at £308 and the iPad prices go up to £501. A release date for Britain has not been announced yet.

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