By Lea Pachta

A £1 million TV advertising campaign which attracted almost 700 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for being sexist has been cleared. The Oven Pride™ advert conveyed the message that the product is “so easy, even a man can do it” and contained a disclaimer at the end, which stated that no men were hurt in the making of this commercial. The maker of the oven cleaner HomePride, received thousands of complaints.

The ASA decided that “the man’s behaviour in particular and the ‘disclaimer’ at the end of the ad were clearly intended to be over the top and humorous and both characters’ childlike behaviour appeared incredulous”.

Matt Stockdale, Managing Director of HomePride said: “This is a great common sense decision! The advert was originally cleared by Clearcast, saying it was ‘clearly pantomime, slapstick and very silly’. 27 million people have seen the advert on TV. We know that the majority of people have taken the advert in the context it was intended, as sales of Oven Pride have gone up 100 per cent since it went on TV.”

Recent research by GMTV that revealed that people who had heard of Oven Pride are more likely to agree it was the best quality, worth paying more for, and the brand to trust more than any other brand.

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