By Claire West

David Cameron has launched the Conservative Party’s public sector manifesto, entitled “An Invitation to Public Sector Workers”.

The public sector manifesto sets out a bold invitation to public professionals to “join our mission to strengthen society and deliver greater value from government for people”.

In return, David Cameron outlines a new set of rights and benefits that public sector workers will receive under a Conservative government.

The public sector manifesto also sets out detailed new plans to help Britain’s five million public sector workers to become their own boss by setting up their own employee owned co-op.

A Conservative government will establish a Public Sector Co-op Service, which will have a full-time staff with the resources and expertise needed to provide guidance to every public sector body about becoming a co-op.

It will act as a battering ram for the co-operative movement within government, and will help to transform the public sector, driving down costs and improving morale and productivity.

The approach has been backed by Peter Holbrook, CEO of the Social Enterprise Coalition, and Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK.

In a personal appeal to public sector workers, David Cameron promises that a Conservative government will:

1.Trust in your professionalism
2.Deliver fairer pay
3.Give you the chance to take over the services you deliver
4.Reward hard work and excellent service
5.Provide a more flexible working life
6.Back you against unfounded action and bureaucratic rules
7.Ask you to help us build the Big Society

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