By Andy Cummins

CJV Digital was a pioneer in the digital brochure market and continues to set new standards today. From the early days, (only 4 years ago!) when you needed a downloadable executable file to view a brochure, to today’s global instant delivery and play marketplace, digital brochures are now becoming commonplace…and the prices have dropped significantly!

Today alone, 1000’s of people will discover a digital edition for the first time and say ‘Wow’. They will fall in love with the first version they discover, but wait, like all other products and services, there are extremes of pricing, features and performance.

A Digital Brochure In Your Website Is Like A Car Without Petrol

Whether it is a digital brochure, digital magazine, digital newspaper, digital prospectus or digital company report, indeed any paper edition reproduced in a digital format, just sticking it in your website is like parking a car in your garage. It won’t go anywhere and nobody will see it…and if they did – who were they?

Even worse, all of you sitting out there with large downloadable documents in your website, nobody really wants to download your chunky files. Worse still, they don’t want you emailing it to their inbox! Sending such documents to your prospects and customers is a sure fire way to destroy your database.

Turn your digital edition into a sales lead generation tool

CJV works with a number of digital brochure technologies and specialises in innovative sales lead generation solutions. From brochures, newspapers, magazines, exhibition guides or any other digital publication, or a PDF, Word or PowerPoint document, just upgrading it to a digital edition is not enough. However there is some really exciting news, regardless of your digital technology.

CJV’s digital edition marketing solutions, BrochuresByEmail and BrochuresByText, and other variations thereof, are revolutionising clients email, website, advertising and marketing performance. So much so that we may even give away a digital edition today as part of a digital sales lead generation and marketing strategy.

Confused? Visit or to request a [b]free copy of our company brochure entitled “Digital Sales Leads Direct To Your Desktop” just text: wow and your email address to 61211

If you would like to see a free sample of your publication in a digital format courtesy of Fresh Business Thinking, call today on 01638 565323.

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