Co-founder, Creative and Exective Producer, Lapland UK


Mike Battle

Mike Battle is co-founder, with his wife Alison, of LaplandUK, an immersive and authentic reimagination of the Father Christmas myth bringing his artic homeland right here to the UK!

After leaving conventional employment, Mike traded independently for 15 years, and in that time, built up a tolerance and ability to manage risk. This understanding of risk, his financial success and creativity led him to creating LaplandUK. Mike took inspiration from the adoration for childhood his wife Alison had following 20 years spent as a primary school teacher and together they set about creating a world where families could truly revel in this fleeting moment of childhood at Christmas.

It was essential that the experience be believable, so they brought together a team of Hollywood set designers and West End production professionals to create a world of beauty on an unprecedented scale.

Fifteen years and a million visitors later, the business continues to go from strength to strength with tickets selling out in a number of hours and guests travelling from all over the world to visit!

Region: London & East of England