Josh Sprigg

Joshua Sprigg is a highly motivated change leader who plans to turn the healthcare industry on its head. To this end, he recruited a group of innovators and ‘outside the box’ thinkers and established enferm, a workforce management company in the UK. His vision is to challenge traditional practices that no longer serve or support healthcare professionals, the very people who hold up the pillars of the industry. As a visionary, Joshua sees incredible possibilities for a healthcare system that is combined with technology and enferm is one of the first healthcare organisations to be driving the utilisation and potential of Web3. His work has not gone unnoticed, and he was recently listed as a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards & Community as a Disruptor of the year for 2022.

Joshua is fast gaining popularity as a guest speaker and recent engagements include the Show Me Success event by SEMLEP’s Growth Hub held at the University of Northampton as well as the MET AMS conference held in Holland, where he spoke on the benefits of web3 in Healthcare, particularly within workforce management, from registration to retirement and all in between. More recently Josh has been asked to speak at Rewired Health and UCL.

enferm has extensive experience in delivering to a variety of clients in the UK, with views to expanding to Europe, Australia and the Middle East including NHS Trusts, University and Teaching Hospitals as well as third sector and private sector organisations. The company is organic, self-funding and scaling faster than companies with funding of more than £40m. However, more than just creating a successful business, Joshua is invested in the people he hopes to serve; to this end he has tackled unethical practices and antiquated processes to change the way recruiter sales operate in the UK and to give healthcare professionals the tools to manage their own career path. His focus is flexible working that allows for a balanced lifestyle whilst achieving career progression.

Joshua’s appreciation and focus on healthcare workers is born out of personal experience with loved ones needing medical care. When he was younger, he was exposed to the hospital system when his sister was treated for a swelling in the brain after a skiing accident. And then, 5 years ago, his son was on life support for 8 days after suffering a seizure. His gratitude for the care and treatment that both his loved ones received runs deep; and this is one of his primary motivations.

His journey to enferm included volunteer work at the NHS Milton Keynes where he gave up his time to serve in the A&E and maternity wards. He also works as a youth mentor at The Youth Group and is the founder and host of a podcast called It’s Sober Rated.

Joshua’s entrepreneurial spirit and bright mind is a breath of fresh air in a challenging industry. Innovation, technology, and a sharp business sense are his tools of choice - together with his passion for leadership, mentoring and people - and he aims to bring positive change in every sphere of his influence.

In his own words, ‘My ambitions and desires outweigh the time I have, so I never stop moving forwards’.

Region: London

Joshua Sprigg, Enferm