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We recently caught up with Nick Crew, the Operations Manager at Airbus Group Endeavr Wales, to discuss the opportunities they are providing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their upcoming event.

Endeavr is a research and innovation organisation cosponsored by Welsh Government, Airbus Defence and Space, and Airbus Group. As a foundation company, they work alongside SMEs and academic institutions, including Cardiff University. Nick Crew said “If SMEs can produce products of the future which Airbus are going to buy, then it helps the SME, helps Airbus, helps the economy and also the skills and the jobs that follow on through academia.”

The upcoming event run by Amplified Business Events takes place in Cardiff Museum on 20th June. It is going to be an inspiring lecture by Kevin Warwick on Artificial Intelligence which is expected to stimulate discussion, encourage networking and help SMEs to develop their business vision.