By Ben Simmons

45,000 engineers linked up virtual desktops as part of the world's largest desktop cloud collaboration.

The desktop cloud was launched by Chinese telecoms giant Huawei in order to boost flexibility and scalability benefits offered by the cloud. Today it has exploded to more than 45,000 users- the world’s largest.

Compared to conventional desktop technology, it is estimated that using a desktop cloud can save businesses 30% of a traditional investment and conserve 73% in power consumption, as well as maximize the facility's CPU with an increase of 60% capacity, from 5%. Deployment time is also reduced for the desktop cloud from three months to one week.

With the rapid development of cloud-computing technologies, more and more business applications have moved into the cloud. Huawei's desktop cloud is already improving the operations of customers in over 30 countries with a total of 100,000 users, in a range of industries including government, healthcare, education, telecom, and finance.

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