By Ben Simmons

A new survey reveals a variety of on tablet and mobile phone usage trends at the end of 2011.

Most notable was that two-thirds iOS based device use, which include Apple’s iPhone and iPad, occurred during business hours. Further, iOS devices comprised 70% of overall usage, over double that of Android based devices’ 28%.

The survey was conducted by Egnyte, providers of cloud file server solutions. Key findings are as follows.

Business users don’t take holidays
Egnyte’s unique IT based focus on businesses from small to enterprise, and not freemium consumer products, means that the data returned reflects use by businesses who are paying customers, and not consumers. Holiday usage provides one of the more interesting data points. When looking at daily mobile usage for Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Egnyte found use remained consistent with regular non-holiday weekends. Thanksgiving day was actually highest for a weekend at 2 percent of monthly usage (non-holiday weekends range from a low of 1.2 percent of traffic to a high of 2.1 percent of traffic).

Tablet and mobile phone use has surged, and our records indicate that the business sector has not escaped this trend. A Jan. 23 study from Pew Research Center indicated that the holiday season has produced a dramatic doubling in ownership of tablet devices amongst college graduates, growing to 31%. Add to that the more than100 tablets introduced at the 2011 Consumer Electronics show, and this years focus on thinner, faster and cheaper tablets and phones, and the trend to mass adoption tablets becomes self evident.

"The number of tablets in the enterprise has grown exponentially in a very short period of time," said Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte. "Egnyte use data suggests that iPads and iPhones are the dominant tool to access the cloud, at nearly double the rate of Android. This is very likely caused by a dramatic increase in productivity applications and acceptance of the cloud in the enterprise. When combined, this trend will propel tablets to displace laptops as the device to use when on the go, whether for taking notes at an office meeting or for presentations in the field."

Also noteworthy, the top five states that accessed Egnyte’s HybridCloud File Sharing service from a mobile device or tablet began with California at number one, followed by Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois.

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