Voice-over Internal Protocol (VoIP) technology can greatly improve the ability of business owners to communicate with employees while outside of the office, it has been suggested.According to the Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association (Itspa), business owners can use VoIP services to have voicemails forwarded to their inboxes and have calls redirected - "even while abroad".VoIPfone chief executive and Itspa council member Colin Duffy said that by purchasing a landline VoIP number, business owners can keep their company looking "grounded" and "professional", while at the same time having calls redirected to wherever they are."That phone number will always ring, no matter where you are. And it costs the same no matter where you are - there are no stupid, expensive roaming charges involved," he commented.According to a recent study by T-Mobile, the average business owner spends an average of 32.5 working days outside of the office every year.