By Max Clarke

There’s a new Industrial Revolution taking place in Britain, centred on a “BritCom” boom that is evident in a discreet splurge of profitable UK-based internet businesses, according to the co-founder of British-based multi-million dollar company, Telemetry- Anthony Rushton.

“We hear plenty about the huge valuations being placed on phenomenal US companies like Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter, but there is just as much happening here in the UK, although we don’t shout as loudly,” said Mr Rushton, whose company is looking at a £24-million turnover this year after just three years of marketing its one-of-a-kind online video advertising delivery and auditing system.

“It’s a re-enactment of the blossoming of the manufacturing industry in days of yore, but this time its internet engineering instead of mechanical engineering that is leading the charge,” said Mr Rushton.

He said anyone who doubted the BritCom movement should visit the flourishing Tech City in East London, where fast-growing digital technology companies were “springing up between the paving stones”. They were hopefully set to follow in the footsteps of London companies like, which was sold to CBS in 2007 for $140-million, or the mega-successful Songkick, largest global concert database.
“The future looks even brighter with bigger and better facilities being opened up for IT entrepreneurs in the Olympic Park after 2012,” said Mr Rushton.

“The advent of the Internet brought an explosion of information — back in the first dotcom boom it was all about content. That bubble burst, but now we are in a new era of social networking and e-commerce. Internet engineering is a completely different way of monetising the world wide web, and Britain is at the forefront creatively and technologically.”

Mr Rushton’s company, Telemetry, is recognised globally for its revolutionary and vital capability of independently auditing and cross-verifying digital video advertising performance. The world’s biggest advertisers (including Reckitt Benckiser which employs Telemetry to deliver their online video advertising in 29 countries) are now demanding “the Telemetry Effect”.

“We found the gap in the market and utilised British talent and creativity to fill it. There’s plenty more British expertise working away in back rooms, yet to emerge, but emerge it will — the investors are already fishing the rich waters and many are making excellent catches,” Mr Rushton said.

Telemetry is one of the companies which has definitely emerged from the back room to become a leader in the current BritCom boom — now domiciled in London’s Tower 42 with offices in New York and Asia. With a valuation running into hundreds of millions of US$, the company is currently embroiled in a huge recruitment drive and looking over some potential investors.

“It’s the second generation dotcom boom, and this time Britain will lead rather than follow — we’ll make sure that the bubble doesn’t burst,” said Mr Rushton.

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