By Daniel Hunter

A new web-based poll of more than 550 Internet users in the United Kingdom has found that more than a third (40%) of respondents would like to see their broadband ISP improve its registration system.

The survey similarly revealed that 69% signed up to their ISP via an online form, while a quarter preferred to use the telephone (30%) and just 0.9% joined via an old fashioned postal application form. Elsewhere the vast majority of new ISP customers typically come from migrations (63%), while 37% requested a new broadband line.

"Switching to a new ISP shouldn't be traumatic and our survey suggests that migration is often simpler than some people think. Indeed 78% of respondents felt that the sign-up process itself was 'easy'," said's Founder, Mark Jackson. "Never the less ISPs should always endeavour to make their related forms and processes as clean, readable and simple as possible."

"Meanwhile Ofcom are continuing to work on a new migration system that should tackle a lot of the current technical problems with the process, which can result in some customers being left in limbo for weeks before they're able to swap provider. Unfortunately this is a complex process and at times the regulator has appeared to be dragging its feet for far too long," concluded Jackson.

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