By Max Clarke

A global security initiative aimed at tackling cyber crime is to be held for the first time in the UK.

The international ‘Cybercrime Security Forum’ will launch in London in May 2011, in response to growing threats to British Business and recent government ranking of cyber crime as a major danger to national security.
Involving the world’s leading security experts, the two-day forum will offer practical advice for IT and security professionals from both the public and private sector. Its announcement comes in the midst of damaging international political, corporate and military leaks via the hacker-operated website ‘Wikileaks’.

The Cybercrime Security Forum is a world-wide event, attracting support from major international organisations, including Microsoft and the US military. The UK forum — ‘Cybercrime UK’ - will cover key issues ranging from forensics, social networking security (SNS), password protection and infrastructure security.

Cybercrime UK is being brought to the UK by network support company Lifeline IT. The British company is launching the event amid increasing concerns that UK industry is not prepared for cyber crime. Lifeline IT’s own research revealed that 60% of businesses are failing to implement the right systems to protect them from identity theft, hacking and cyber warfare.

Said Daniel Mitchell, director and founder of Lifeline IT: “UK businesses know that cybercrime is major issue but they need credible advice on how to tackle it effectively. Cybercrime UK will give in-depth insight into how the cyber underworld operates, and offer practical and realistic guidance on how they can be prepared and protected.

Whether you’re a civil servant, CIO or SME entrepreneur, you need to know how to prevent being a target and what you would do if you were a victim.”

Cybercrime founder and leading IT security expert Andy Malone said: “Cyber crime is a very real and frightening threat — it affects everyone, from high-level government departments right through to individuals. The fact that you can’t see the cyber criminals, coupled with the rapid pace of technology, makes it even harder for companies to keep ahead.

Cybercrime UK will give British organisations access to the world’s experts in enterprise security, so they can learn the skills needed to fight back in this invisible but highly dangerous war.”