By Ben Simmons

Infrastructure and software solutions Value Added Reseller, Trustmarque, announced today it has signed an exclusive agreement with market leading desktop and software management solutions provider, Snow Software, to provide NHS Trusts across the UK with tools and support for managing their software estates.

This NHS exclusive deal will offer special rates on Enterprise Subscription Agreements (ESAs) for Snow Software’s leading edge asset management technologies ‘Snow Licence Manager’ and ‘Snow Inventory’. Trustmarque will also provide a number of wrap around tactical consultancy and Managed Licence Services for the NHS, and can deploy the Snow solution either on-premise or through the cloud.

“The NHS is now at a pivotal point,” comments Kevin Trinkwon, Practice Lead - Managed Licence Services for Trustmarque. “The last batch of licences from the National Enterprise Agreements have been distributed, and control has been placed in the hands of the local trusts and institutions. Under the central agreements, trusts have never had to worry about licence management around their desktop estate. Now control has been passed to the trusts, it is imperative that NHS organisations understand and optimise their software assets now and for the future.

Snow’s asset management tools will empower Trusts to gain a better understanding of their software assets, enabling them to re-harvest unused licences and deploy software assets where they are needed most,” continues Trinkwon. “NHS Trusts will be able to make better informed decisions around their future technology decisions, ultimately enabling them to buy more effectively and avoid unnecessary spend.”

Snow Licence Manager is an advanced and user-friendly Software Asset Management (SAM) solution that provides organisations with the ability to manage the complete life-cycle of both their hardware and software assets from purchase, to registration, to installation and usage analysis, right the way through to retirement. It provides true software metering across all applications within IT estates, creating a view of what software is actually used. The tool automatically reconciles software licences and agreements against deployments across the organisation, automatically re-harvesting unused licences to ensure software estates meet compliance requirements in the most cost effective way possible.

Snow Inventory provides a real-time, dynamic view of all software and hardware activity on a company network in both virtual and physical environments, allowing organisations to proactively manage usage, actively resolve issues and analyse changes within the network. Using this up to the minute user information, organisations can create technology strategies based on real usage and requirements, helping to build business cases for future investments.

Trustmarque’s expertise in SAM and licensing will help organisations to realise the full benefits of Snow’s technology. Trustmarque will assist with the set up and technical deployment of Snow’s solutions, while also providing tactical consultancy services to help organisations create SAM policies and procedures, and contract management for licences and maintenance. Trustmarque can also provide a Managed Licence Service, using the Snow technologies, to maintain and manage Trusts’ software estates on their behalf.

“As the leading procurement partner for the NHS in the UK, Trustmarque was an obvious choice of partner,” comments Martin Callinan, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Snow Software. “Trustmarque has a long heritage in delivering Software Asset Management and a team of experts that really understand our technology and the benefits of SAM. The value added services that Trustmarque provides in relation to SAM consultancy and Managed Licence Services, combined with our superior asset management technology, creates a strong proposition for NHS looking to get a firm grip of their licence estate.”