By Jamie Stewart, Managing Director, Exact UK

In 2010, Exact created the Exact International Business Network (EIBN), a forum for decision-makers in international business within EMEA and APAC. The events hosted by this network bring financial experts and executive peers together to share critical economic figures and best practices for international growth. In addition to panel discussions, the sessions provide executives with an opportunity to network, debate challenges and explore successful models.

The first of the EIBN events, “Gateway to International Growth”, took place on September 2 at Exact in Delft. Exact Managing Director EMEA and APAC, Roland Rott, hosted this session, focusing on the outlook for international growth, in particular in emerging markets. There was a panel of experts which included Nenad Pacek, founder and president of Global Success Advisors, an organization that focuses on advising international companies on how to outperform competition in global markets, with a special emphasis on emerging markets.

Exact’s second panel on internationalization was hosted at the European Commission office in Madrid on September 24. Top level speakers talked about internationalization as a source of competiveness in new emerging markets. Strategies and best practices were presented to around 110 participants and a question/answer session was held. An opportunity to network at the end of the event was hugely beneficial, and Exact’s second panel proved to be a great success.

25 November 2010 will see the Exact International Business Network coming to the UK, hosted within the Media Centre at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. The event is free to attend, by invitation only, and will feature expert speakers from the business community. As such it is expected to be very well attended, and numbers will be limited.

If you would like to find out more, or register your interest in attending, please email your details to graham.forsyth@exact.com . Further information about previous events can be found at eibn.exact.com/past-events.

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