By Max Clarke

Businesses are recognising seasonal opportunities by gearing up for the summer season, with an inncrease domain names sold around the holiday themes.

For example, was sold for £22,500 this quarter, along with (£10,000), (£5,000) and (£2,250), amongst others.

Sedo, the leading online domain marketplace and monetisation provider, today announced the results of its Q2 2011 Domain Market Study, which reveals domain industry trends based on transactions in its marketplace.

For businesses of any size, the sale of domains like at £500 highlights that good, multi-word keyword domain names are still available and affordable in the UK. This trend is not restricted to the UK — holiday-themed domains are also increasing in popularity in the .com market: was sold for $10,099, for $8,800 and for $5,300

During the three months ending 30th June 2011, 10,600 domains changed hands on Sedo’s marketplace, accounting for £15 million in sales. There was a £2 million increase in sales this quarter, with the average sale price remaining strong across all Top Level Domains (TLDs) in comparison to previous quarters. This equates to 13% growth on last quarter and 4% year on year growth.

On the whole, sales numbers remained consistent and stable, however due to the substantial $2.5 million sale of during Q2 2011there was a decline in some figures from the previous quarter. The median sales price for a TLD has increased by 5 per cent year-on-year, from £342 in the same quarter of last year, to £358.

Hugo Dalrymple-Smith, Director of UK operations at Sedo comments: “The report findings, in particular the 13% increase in sales this quarter, disprove the theory that the announcement of new gTLDs will diminish the value of existing TLDs, as we can see that values are still growing steadily. Businesses interested in purchasing keyword domain names to expand their online real estate should be reassured that there are still many available which are relatively inexpensive, as the case of highlights.”

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