Many SMEs may be putting themselves at serious risk of becoming a victim of e-crime, a senior police chief has warned.Speaking ahead of the e-Crime Wales Summit 2007, detective chief superintendent Chris Corcoran warned that businesses were still not paying enough attention to their IT security."Many businesses are still failing to realise the need for tight IT security. It is something that should be at the top of their agenda," said Mr Corcoran."This is like leaving your front door unlocked and putting a sign up saying 'come in and see what we have in here'. Computers hold a lot of confidential, commercial and personal information, and allowing this to be accessible to anyone could cause huge damage and could bring a business to its knees." The minister for enterprise, innovation and networks, Andrew Davies, also said that SMEs should act to prevent themselves from cyber-crime.He said: "Unfortunately, many businesses still fail to realise the vulnerabilities in their systems and wireless systems in particular. While ensuring they have alarms and locks on their physical premises and vehicles, they often believe their computer networks are infallible."In December last year, the BBC reported that the UK had experienced an 8,000 per cent increase in the number of online banking scams, an indication that criminals are waking up to the opportunities offered by e-crime.© Adfero Ltd