Many small businesses do not realise that they must protect themselves with separate anti-spyware software, according to a government sponsored internet security campaign.Get Safe Online said yesterday (September 4th) that while 97 per cent of small enterprises have installed anti-virus software few have invested in anti-spyware protection, which is just as important.Spyware, which installs itself unknown on the victims' computer and distorts information stored on it, can cause "a lot of trouble" and does not just affect companies who trade online, said managing director of the government campaign Tony Neate."What we need when we look at security is a blended response - so this includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls and also updating the operating system," Mr Neate added."If you get all four together, nobody really can feel unsecure. [Small businesses] need to realise as well that it's as much about anti-spyware as it is about anti-virus." According to a recent survey by Get Safe Online, 66 per cent of SMEs store vital documents on their personal computer systems and 60 per cent said that their business would not be able to operate without a functioning IT system. Around 36 per cent of them had been affected by a computer virus.© Adfero Ltd