A quarter of small businesses are failing to choose the most suitable mobile communications provider for their needs because mobile technology is too "confusing". According to new research from T-Mobile UK and YouGov, 36 per cent of SME managers responsible for mobile communications believe that their current mobile service provider is too expensive.However, a third revealed they have not assessed mobile cost for their company for two years or more.Poor customer service, a lack of tailor-made plans, the cost of international calls and a lack of flexibility were all cited as frustrations with current mobile communications packages. Derek Williamson, head of business marketing at T-Mobile UK, said: "As with all costs that businesses face, mobile communications plans should be reviewed on a regular basis."However, as with many decisions relating to technology, it can seem a daunting process and is often delayed or even ignored despite the impact it can have on a business' bottom line. Many mobile tariffs can appear complex and confusing."© Adfero Ltd