Many SMEs are failing to secure their electronic data properly, a new report reveals.The survey, from Equiinet, states that even firms which employ a relatively large number of IT staff and have backup systems in place are failing to recover lost data - with around half of such attempts ending in failure."Despite a lot of time and effort being spent in undertaking the backup process, older backup technologies – such as tapes – do have considerable drawbacks," says Equiinet Product Marketing Director, Dave Abbot. "Our survey showed that 40 per cent of data recovery attempts fail to restore all the required data."Backup media is also often stored insecurely, with around 66 per cent of companies admitting that they house backup systems in the same rooms as their servers. And around 80 per cent abdicate responsibility when it comes to backing up data on workers' individual laptops or PCs - indicating that many SMEs could be in need of small business technology advice.© Adfero Ltd