A leading computer company has said that small- and medium-sized firms can often benefit from networked storage solutions but do not realise it, reported TechWorld.According to Fujitsu Siemens Computers many smaller businesses could cut their storage ownership and maintenance costs if they moved from individual servers to a networked system.However, the company accepts that manufacturers and retailers have not effectively communicated this to firms, particularly as many businesses may be more comfortable buying successive new servers rather than adopting a new system."We want to make it very easy to deploy our solutions. Setting up a SAN shouldn't be rocket science," said Marcus Schneider, an infrastructure products director at Fujitsu Siemens Computers.The firm also accepts that smaller businesses need more support than larger firms, which may have entire departments available to manage new IT projects and ensure they succeed."High-end datacentres have teams of people to do that. SMEs don't. So the [sales] channel needs educated people," added Sean Haffey from the firm.© Adfero Ltd