Owners of small companies are worried about the security risks posed by doing business online, according to a business group, resulting in most not being active on the internet.According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) less than a fifth of UK SMEs trade online, with around one in 20 using internet auction site eBay to buy and sell goods.However, a lack of knowledge about e-commerce and online security is putting most small firms off expanding into this area, potentially leaving them with lost business opportunities."About a third of our members run their business from home. The number of small business that sell online is 18.4 per cent," an FSB spokesperson said."The basic reason why a lot of members don't fancy selling online at the moment is either because they're not internet experts, so they would need advice from somebody else, or because they're very concerned about online fraud so they don't know what their legal protections are that way as well," he added.A recent report from the Lords science and technology committee called for greater government investment in tackling e-crime, to support the confidence of both businesses and consumers.© Adfero Ltd